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A Roundup Of Free Art Friday News!

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Well over a months, bordering on two. During this time I've been perm-lancing at a really fun company while also trying to do as much artwork as I can on the side (which is sadly not as much as I'd like, but for the time being it's well worth it). Without further ado: NEWS!

First of all everyone should immediately go watch the following video:

It is a great video about Free Art Friday done by Ashley Maas who currently works at the New York Times. It's partially so great because it does a lovely job showing my work (and unlike the Wallstreet Journal article about FAF -that also displayed my work- gave me proper credit). So check it out!!! I'm super excited about it.

As for the rundown on the past two FAFs- I've come to some realizations:

1. FAF is a daylight event. I notice people still participate after it grows dark, but for the most part if I put a work up after dark it never gets found. This means that things need to be placed earlier and faster in the winter months because it gets dark so early.

2. I need to limit the amount of work I hide to two or three pieces each month. November was by far the most fun I've had with FAF to date, but it was also extremely stressful because I ended up putting up around 12 pieces. So in the future it will be limited to three, four pieces max. Especially in the winter months where there are less people running about looking for art.

3. I may need to start getting creative in my hiding practices. I tried something with December that I may just want to keep doing: my first piece was hidden behind the counter at one of my favorite local coffee shops (the first place I displayed my Nüdtendo series in the neighborhood) Express Yourself Barista Bar. In order to get it you had to give the barista a password (this time it was Squidmaleon). However, because this was above and beyond what is normally asked of participants I decided to sweeten the deal (literally) by pre-purchasing five dollars worth of coffee/pastries for the person who managed to get there and nab the art. I don't know- something about it made me even happier after it was found. It became a video game mission with rewards! And while I don't plan on doing that for every piece I think I'm going to start doing it for any originals I hide in the future.

Anyways, I'm going to post some pictures of the last two FAFs really soon, but for now this update should suffice. AND GO WATCH THAT VIDEO!

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