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Showcase at Little Skips

Starting today until the end of the year (barring unforeseen gallery showings) I will be exhibiting my artwork at Little Skips (941 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 11221). On one wall will be my current full line-up of Nüdtendo shadowboxes and the opposite wall will house select pieces from my Inner Demon Series. The show will feature a combination of originals and prints (the prints are mostly of pieces that have already sold). So come on by!

The show itself is only half-finished at the moment, but once I have all the work on the walls I'll be scheduling a night for an "Opening." But until then most of the work is already up and you should stop by! Little Skips is one of my favorite local Coffee Shops with fantastic sandwiches (my current favorite is the Gluten Free "M-Train") and they really work hard to support local artists.

OCT 1 2014

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