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American society (along with many others) has its priorities entirely out of whack. We inundate ourselves with violence yet when so much as the hint of a woman's nipple or a man's genitals are exposed in public we have a meltdown.

Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Showing our bodies should not be something seen as more objectionable than mutilating them. And yet here we are: finding the idea of being caught naked in public as one of the most humiliating situations. To the point where we can be jolted from our sleep when confronted by a scenario like this while we dream.

So why not poke fun at how ridiculous this all is?


When even fictional, whimsical characters like those belonging to Nintendo would be mortified by their sudden nudity? You'd think they would have bigger things to be concerned about...


Below you will find all the cards that comprise the playing cards I designed to commemorate the completion of the series. If you'd like to own one click HERE or visit the shop!