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Ever since I began creating work outside of college I've handled all the reproductions myself. I went off, bought a $550.00 HP 13" large-format printer, and have been dealing with the headache, frustration, expensive inks, expensive papers and lengthy time investment ever since. It's become clear to me over the past couple years, however, that this just isn't sustainable. It digs directly into the time I could be spending creating new work- something I've needed to be more motivated to utilize efficiently.

The good news, however, is that within the span of time between then and now there have been a multitude of fantastic sites that have sprung up catering to artists and their reproductive needs (pun not intended). And now, finally, I've decided I am going to begin experimenting with these various sites. At the moment I've narrowed my search down to 2:

NUVANGO.COM : Nuvango was, up until recently, my go-to place for gorgeous skins and cases: GELASKINS. And while they are still creating these products they've undergone a name change and a philosophy shift. Instead of concentrating solely on these device covers they want to center more on catering to artists looking to sell reproductions of their work. From the samples sent to me their print quality is remarkable and their website relatively painless to use. And, most excitedly, they not only offer Canvas Prints, but they also offer to ship them pre-framed! The only drawback I've found thus far is that they only give the artists a 20% commission of the total amount sold or their work. And while that isn't horrible, it isn't optimal either.

Which brings me to my second experiment:

INPRNT.COM : While the product line isn't as diverse, and the size of the pieces are limited to a max of 24"x36" I've so far been impressed with their refined system. Most importantly, however, is that 50% of the total money made from sales of the work goes towards the artist.

So here is my experiment:

From now on, use NUVANGO.COM if you are looking to purchase my work in the following forms:




nd use INPRNT.COM if you are looking for:


I will be using these sites for a bit and see how the process feels. For strange prints and art books I'll likely still be making those myself, but for general prints of my work? I want to try and outsource this process and see how that works for me.

SEPT 8 2014

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