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The Big Art Photoshoot with the insanely talented Haley Varacallo

This last Monday (May 15th) I had the honor and pleasure to get many of my artworks properly photographed by the insanely talented Haley Varacallo ( It's been something I've needed to do for YEARS but various roadblocks made it difficult. Many of these kinds of "upkeep" tasks tend to fall by the wayside because they feel daunting or overwhelming. But not anymore! I just wish I had known Haley before selling so many Micro Paintings- would have loved to give them the same treatment.

There were two main objectives to this photoshoot:

  1. To finally (FINALLY) get high quality images taken of my larger paintings so I can get to work creating the Limited Edition, high-quality prints that incorporate the elements that made the originals pop: neon ink and gold foil. I also want to see about possibly making all the linework have embossed, raised elements- but we'll see what I can accomplish. I really want to try and get them ready for DragonCon this year.

  2. Get really high-end photos taken of all my current supply of Micro Paintings so I can properly showcase them on my website and shop. I've been struggling to figure out how to present them here and think the first place to start is with getting those quality images.

The day was exhausting but incredibly fun. Both Haley and Samson ( were awesome and made the experience memorable. Check out my tiktoks detailing the experience here:

And there will be more to come!

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