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Article and Video Interview at BOYCULTURE!

I need to preface this post with an admonition: I'm terrible at self-promotion. I may try to constantly to put my work out there, but when it comes to actually spreading the word once I succeed in doing so I tend to shy away. Well no longer! It's sometimes an awkward thing to do but it is vital to any artist looking to get his name out there.

Anyways, like I said in my last post I made some fantastic contacts at NYC Comicon, one of which culminated in an article and video interview about me and my art on his artist blog.

Matthew Rettenmund runs a gay-culture blog when he's not giving celebrity interviews and otherwise being an amazing person. He was sweet, encouraging, and an absolute blast to get to know. And he made this interview a lot of fun. So yeah! Check it out! I'll see if I can embed the video below and I'll give the link to the article as well. Forgive me if I come off nervous or awkward- cameras do that to me.

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