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Blast from my Embarrassing past!

While I'm talking about videos about me I felt it would be fun to make a post with a link to something that happened waaaaaay back in 2010. I was just going freelance after leaving This Is Pop and found a job listing for possible full-time work at another videogame company that utilized all the skills I developed in my previous full-time job. However, upon sending my resume and cover letter I was contacted and told that, while I sounded perfect for the job, this particular set of interviews would be funded and recorded by MTV for a reality show they were working on.

It sounded a little crazy but I was so sure of my chances I went right ahead with it. And while I think it's okay to spoil things and mention that I didn't end up getting the job- the process was immortalized in the video I'm linking to here. Enjoy this ridiculousness!

DISCLAIMER: This was before I made the name-change to Aedan Roberts- so just roll with it when they refer to me as "Marc."

(Link is currently unavailable; will be mended shortly)

DEC, 2, 2013

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