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Updated: May 4, 2023

All my pop-related rantings go in the Pop Bin, of course, and I'll be making a quick post there about this as well, but since this is a rare cross-over between the two worlds I decided to write one here as well! BEHOLD! Bob The Drag Queen, current contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8, in her NYC Live Premier Runway Look- drawn in the style of my Nüdtendo Series (costume designed by Domino Couture):

Why, you ask?

Well first of all I am a HUGE fan of BtDQ. So far she's had a run on her season about as strong as Bianca Del Rio. Second of all- I was inspired to doodle this little lady up as a prize for Drag Race Bingo (a fun game people play at Eastlands during the Drag Race Viewing Parties I have had the pleasure of attending (hosted by Ariel Italic and Lady Bearica Andrews).

The final piece, shown above, will be given away as the First Place Prize during the Finale of RPDR Season 8. So if you want to snatch up this silly little doodle (gouache, oil pencil, and gold leaf)- you know where you need to be in a few weeks time!

APRIL 25 2016

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