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Expanding The Mythology

This year’s Dragon Con (2018), like so many others, was a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback directly from the people who enjoy (and collect) my work. One thing that I heard consistently: people found the world I am building with my Kami Series fascinating. They really seemed engaged when I would go into the details- and while that may have just been politeness on their part I am going to assume it was genuine and run with it.

So from this point on I will be doing the following:

When a new piece in the series is created I will write up a blog post about it. My goal is to make every new work something that adds a new bit of lore to the world, something that offers a new insight into the strange creatures that inhabit it or how the world functions. This will all eventually be used in a work of fiction I eventually plan on pursuing- but for now the best way to continue to enjoy the world of the Kami is to visit me here or come say “hi” in person when I sell my work at various shows.

With that being said- please also feel free to comment if you have any questions or want me to clarify ideas I present in my posts.

Thank you for continuing to enjoy my work- I’ll try to keep growing, learning and improving.

SEPT 11 2018

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