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Ill be at 2016 MOCCA fest!

I'm going to start this post with a quick, sheepish confession: I'm absolutely horrible about remembering to submit applications for art shows and conventions in a timely manner. Even with the addition of Google Alerts, alarms, and really wonderful friends sending me proper reminders I tend to find myself realizing the next day that I needed to do it- and by that point everything is sold out and all space filled. I've also noticed that this has been getting more and more intense as these shows become ever-more mainstream. I was at an event the night Illuxcon tables went on sale and even with the alarms reminding me at the very moment the "doors" were opened I still was too late. And this terrible habit is especially true for MoCCA Fest. I have never- not once- managed to register and reserve a table on time, and this year was no different. Worse than that all my friends were already paired up and all my usual avenues to work around the issue seemed to be unable to help.

Yet for the second year running now it has been through the EXTREME kindness of one friend in particular who has made MoCCA Fest possible for me. And while his or her name will be withheld (unless he or she is alright with me mentioning it here) I am eternally grateful for their generosity and kindness in thinking of me when the opportunity to help arose. It reminds me just how important it is to be there for your fellow artists. We are often the people who get the short end of the stick- which makes it even more important to offer support to each other in our times of need.

I am also making it a life-goal to get better at submitting in a timely fashion so I can stop being such a burden to my generous friends. :-)

With that all being said: I am pleased to announce that I will, in fact, have a table at this year's MoCCA FEST!

While I still don't know where I'll be placed I do know one thing: I will be there, nestled in with all my fellow illustrators, animators, artists and friends. Come find me, say hello, maybe buy a print, an art book, or some Nüdtendo Trading or Playing Cards!

For info on MoCCA Fest (where, when, how, etc.) Go here. And for quick directions see below:

FEB 28 2016

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