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My Interview with Matt Baume on Sewers of Paris has Arrived!

I've been meaning to write a long, involved post about Sewers of Paris, a brilliant Podcast created and hosted by the dashing Matt Baume, an activist, writer, podcaster and youtube video maker (he's got a lot of fancy hats) that I've enjoyed for several years now. However every time I attempt it my browser crashes and I lose my progress. Not this time, though! I’m writing this in Notes and will be copy/pasting it right in.


Sewers of Paris is a wonderful Podcast where Matt Baume sits down (sometimes over Skype, sometimes in person) and talks to his guests about the Pop Culture that influenced their lives as Gay Men. It’s often educational, sometimes emotional, and ALWAYS fascinating- in no small part due to Baume’s strength as a host and his ability to ask the right questions.

A little while back, after commenting on several of his posts I finally sent him a friend request- and lo and behold he accepted! And after striking up a conversation he offered to interview me- an opportunity I immediately said yes to. And after a little while (and what was likely a WHOLE lot of editing) my episode has arrived!

GO HERE TO LISTEN (or just go to your Podcast App and search for Sewers Of Paris).

I will openly state here: I was really nervous when we did this interview. I was a little star-struck- having watched his youtube videos and Marriage Watch clips on Towleroad for years. And here he was, interviewing me- about my life, no less! I probably stuttered constantly, lost my train of thought, rambled and spoke way too fast- but regardless he made me feel like I was doing a fantastic job and was extremely personable. Definitely someone I hope to keep in touch with.

Anyways, if you want to hear it click the link. And even if you’d rather not hear me gas on about myself- please give his other episodes a listen- you won’t be disappointed!

feb 4 2016

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