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My Nudtendo Series Featured in Animize Magazine

Updated: May 4, 2023

For a little while now I've been doing photoshoots with the amazing Roberto Araujo for my cosplay. I honestly believe the quality of his work is a product of not only his talent, but also the warm, welcoming manner in which he treats his subjects. You just feel comfortable around him, and trust in his ability to capture you in the most flattering light possible. So when he approached me about doing an editorial about some of my artwork in an upcoming issue of his magazine ANIMIZE I leapt at the chance.

We decided to concentrate on my Nüdtendo Series since the subject matter would fit best with the other content- which is to say brilliant photography of the male form. We spoke of the motivations behind the series, the intent of the chosen expressions, along with videogame/nerd fandom in general. I had a blast reading it when it arrived- so go check it out! And honestly it's worth keeping up with the magazine beyond just this article- it tends to host some fun, fascinating people and things that sometimes escape the wider audience it deserves.

A massive thank you to Roberto for giving me the honor to be included in his magazine. You are such a good friend and amazing peer.

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