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NOW SHOWING: Nudtendo at express yourself bartista bar!

In my continued efforts to be more on top of self-promotion I'll be making posts regarding any shows, galleries, or cafes I will have my art up in from now on

So yes, I'll get the important info out of the way before I go into more detail about my plans (in a separate blog posting).

I just put work up at:


82 Central Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11206

Here are some pictures of the series in the space:

If you are in the area (off the Jefferson or Morgan L train stops, the Central Stop on the M, or the Myrtle/Broadway on the JMZ) stop by and have a look-see. Also a fantastic drink. Really- it is some of the best coffee in an area fast becoming over-saturated with coffee shops. The pieces I put up are all hand-made and painted artist reproductions of the original 18 Nüdtendo series. I will explain why they are reproductions below:

The Nüdtendo series has presented me with a conundrum on how to show in galleries. Since every single one is individually for sale (195$ for an original) I am currently missing quite a few originals. Some of them are vital to this kind of series (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach among some of the sold) and would render a show incomplete without their presence. So when Express Yourself asked to show the Nüdtendo series I decided to come up with a solution. I wanted to maintain the shadow-box motif that all originals possess- that way I could achieve the semi-pixel quality I originally intended. It would also allow me to hang originals next to reproductions and still have the show look cohesive.

So I decided for every original I would create I would make an identical, not-for-sale reproduction. That way if the original does sell I will have the backup to show with the rest. And since this was a coffee shop and not a true gallery, with all the drinks and potential for mess that entails, I decided for this show I would take those reproductions and just hang them, leaving my originals at home safe for those who would like to buy them. I figure in a real Gallery I would put as many originals up as possible with the reproductions to fill in the gaps.

DEC 4 2013

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