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Set-up at little skips!

Just wanted to share some pictures Jon took while I was setting up the show. In order to get straight, even lines and equal spaces between each shadowbox I had to hammer nails through solid brick:

Seeing how this was my first experience setting up my work on such a complicated wall I was wholly unprepared for it. I assumed making things line up would be cake since the bricks form a grid. However I did not account for the fact that this was older brick and completely uneven- so following the lines of the mortar would result in a mess of a hanging. Luckily a fellow artist who has previously shown at Little Skips was there and willing to share with me the knowledge she gained from her own trials with the wall (her name, by the way, is Shakhed Hadaya and her work is FANTASTIC, so check it out). I bought some twine and hung it across the wall and used it as a makeshift reference point and Voila! Success! The top left and right are missing in the above image because two Nudtendos sold that I have yet to have the time to re-create. I'll tackle that this weekend.

Once that was finished (which was the brunt of the work) I just had to populate the opposite wall with my Inner Demon pieces:

I spent the previous night mapping out my layout and honestly it worked out nearly exactly as I planned - and I'm ultimately happy with the result. Because this wall was a regular plaster number I had a much easier time getting exactly what I wanted. The only thing that proved troublesome were the dozens and dozens of nails and anchors that were left in the wall by the previous artist (who had taken down his art while I worked on the Nüdtendo wall)- but even with that is went fairly smoothly.

Anyways just thought I'd share. Always fun to see process and such!

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