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Shop Updates!

So I'm excited to say I've upgraded my website and part of that upgrade is the ability to expand my shop! So now, on top of selling the Limited Edition Nüdtendo Playing Cards, I am beginning to post originals, smaller run prints, art books, and more! (check it out!) I've even decided to put my more affordable Nüdtendo Trading Card Sets in there. I know I know, I said I wouldn't sell them online. But that was before I was able to run my own private shop!

So keep checking in. While the current lineup of paintings are a bit pricey I am going to be making a point of listing smaller, more affordable pieces periodically. Including some original Nüdtendo Paintings in their shadow boxes! I would put them all up at the same time but my shop has a limited number of slots available- so I'd only really be able to put them up in small groups. I'll be posting here when I do, though!

Also: if there is something you aren't seeing in my shop that you wish you would (like the Nüdtendo Posters or any prints I do not have in my inPRNT shop) let me know. Always looking for suggestions!

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